Sharding: What it is and why many blockchain protocols rely on it

As blockchains are being rolled out in an increasing number of pilot programs for everything from cross-border financial transactions to supply chain management, one persistent issue remains: a lack of scalability.

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The 11 Best Sources for Ethereum News and Learning

If you spend much time scrolling around the crypto-sphere, it might seem like everyone’s an expert, a critic, a salesman — or most often an impenetrable amalgam of all three. It’s tough to cut through the noise and get to the matter when it comes to the latest developments in Ethereum protocol, Enterprise Ethereum, and news from the greater blockchain ecosystem.

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Chinese Blockchain Rankings Released: EOS Still First, Ethereum Second, Bitcoin 15th

China has released its latest government-sponsored rankings of major cryptocurrencies, placing Bitcoin (BTC) in 15th, while EOS keeps its top spot. The rankings were released in a press release on Jan. 24.

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Report: Reverse Merger Could Take Bithumb Crypto Exchange Public in the US

Singapore-based holding firm Blockchain Exchange Alliance, which has a controlling stake in major crypto exchange Bithumb, is looking to list in the United States by acquiring a publicly traded company in the country, CNBC reports on Jan. 22.

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Binance CEO Says 2019 Is When Cryptos Achieve Mass Adoption

Although the cryptocurrency market is in a bear trend, there are some figures that believe the market will grow during the next year. During a conversation with The Street a few days ago, Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO, said that in 2019 cryptocurrency adoption will increase.

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Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Calls 2018 ‘Correction Year’ for Crypto

Changpeng Zhao called 2018 a “correction year” for cryptocurrencies while expressing optimism for the future of the crypto industry during a Bloomberg interview published on Dec. 19. Zhao spoke in reference to the bear market plaguing traders this year, which took a turn for the worse in mid-November, when markets crashed even further.

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Ethereum Constantinople Rollout Will Take Place in February 2019

According to a Twitter confirmation by Ethereum team lead Peter Szilagyi, core developers at Ethereum (ETH) have proposed that Constantinople, a system-wide upgrade that was planned to be released on January 17, has been postponed to the end of February. The tweet stated that the hard fork, which is set to be released on block 7, 280,000, will go live on February 27, 2019.

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Ethereum’s Constantinople Upgrade Faces Delay Due to Security Vulnerability

Ethereum’s long-anticipated Constantinople upgrade has just been delayed after a critical vulnerability was discovered in one of the planned changes.

Smart contract audit firm ChainSecurity flagged Tuesday that Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1283, if implemented, could provide attackers a loophole in the code to steal user funds. Speaking on a call, ethereum developers, as well as developers of clients and other projects running the network, agreed to delay the hard fork – at least temporarily – while they assessed the issue.

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The Future of Kenyan Digital currencies.

Ubricoin is the new cryptocurrency in Kenya. Many may tend to wonder what Ubricoin is all about. In simple terms Ubricoin is a cryptocurrency that aims to provide the best medical services,a mode of payment for medical bills,provide quality health services and facilities. However we believe in time it would be used as a currency not only in the health sector but other sectors as well,making it a standard mode of payment in Kenya.

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