Bitcoin and M-Pesa: Why money in Kenya has gone digital

When thinking about the future of money, many of us now invariably have thoughts about bitcoin. Where is it going? What role might it play in our financial lives? No matter what you think about it, bitcoin is great for starting a debate on where digital money is heading.

Africa is a place where bitcoin has major potential. But what you might not realize is how important electronic money already is to countries there such as Kenya. First, a little economic information about this East African nation. Kenya is one of the region’s largest economies with a GDP of $41 billion dollars. Fifty percent of its people live below the poverty line. Approximately 75 percent of people work in agriculture. According to the CIA World Factbook, on Kenya, “low infrastructure investment threatens Kenya’s long-term position as the largest East African economy.”

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The Third Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics Camp – Thursday December 5, 2019 – Sunday December 8, 2019


Background of the problem

Knowledge is verified or falsified information, processed and interpreted into meaning and significance, wisdom and leadership (Gilder 2013). In Africa, knowledge is not processed to turn to information that can be converted into money. Knowledge is only confined to microstate in isolated systems such as universities and learning institutions (i.e., the ivory tower syndrome). Isolated systems create a state of very low entropy. Low entropy is caused by lack of a clear channel to transport knowledge from the university to the community (See e.g., Clausius, 1899; Godel, 1931; Shanon 1948). Knowledge in the universities and learning institutions, should be turned to information that would add value to commercial products which create wealth.

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Is Artificial Intelligence a Panacea?

The Term Artificial Intelligence (AI) was coined in 1956, but AI has become popular today.

We at Ubrica, with the use of Ubricoin to implement health projects, will ensure sufficient support for discovery of solutions to most troubling health problems emerging from the African continent.  It is our aim to build and provide high advanced health care services that will embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI, is a computer technology used for the purpose of collecting data for research purpose, detect diseases, manage chronic diseases and deliver health services.  AI has the potential to aid early detection of infectious disease outbreaks and sources of epidemics, such as water contamination. It has the ability to collect, analyze and make sense of extensive amounts of unstructured and variable data; visual images, text and statistical numbers. Making it more powerful and effective at performing tasks. Currently we have major disease areas that use AI tools, these include cancer, neurological and cardiological disease.

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What is Ubrica all about?

Ubrica is a life science and health production organization, aimed at improving global health. This is the mother to the Ubricoin. Ubrica seeks to solve three main problems; access, quality and cost of health. Access to quality healthcare has been a challenge in Kenya because for one to be treated, they must have money to cater for their hospital bills. Money has been the main priority for healthcare providers instead of treating the ailing patient. With little to no money, the quality of services provided in hospitals is very poor. The pieces of equipment used are very expensive to obtain and maintain hence making the cost of medical treatment very high. This means that very few people have access to quality services.

Ubrica seeks to solve these problems by introducing one very important element: economic development. This is through product promotion for Kenyan products in order to create more markets through social sites for example Soko Janja. Soko Janja is an online shopping site whose purpose is to create market for Kenyan goods and services.

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Ubrica Project – Ubricoin Allocation

Ubrica’s main objective is the decentralization of global health. To do that it outlined a project comprising three distinct scientific real estate projects: a series of world class health centers, university science and technology parks and a biomedical industrial city in Kenya. These projects are the rationale for issuing UBNs. They will allocate coins projectwise with each project taking four phases.

Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers (URCCs) will be allocated 4 billion UBNs to help in design, development, construction and management of the URCCs. We intend to construct at least 100 health centers average of two units per county. The 2 billion UBNs will be allocated in four phases (design, development. Construction and management.)

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Ubricoin is taking the country by a wave. All over social media, the first post that a person will come across is about Ubricoins promising returns. Well, the claims are credible. Ubricoin exists with the sole purpose of supporting design, development and implementation of the Ubrica project. The Ubrica project is a multi-project program aimed at creating a community centered on health and individual prosperity. It includes of Ubricas Retail Clinical Centers, University Science and Technology Parks and Ubrica One Biomedical Industry.

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Rapid advancement in technology has brought unimaginable leaps in medicine. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are now key tools in diagnosing diseases, which previously bore high costs in the process leading to diagnosis. This is due to, the invention of early disease detection algorithms built on international classification of diseases (ICD), improved health and disease monitoring, improved evaluation of the effects and impacts of health programs and improved data security, accuracy and speed of diagnosis.

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Overcoming health obstacles

What is the best advice ever given to you?

I once read that the secret to being is by collecting and investing in assets.
One of the other stories that i relate to is that of the founder of MacDonalds. His name is Ray Kroc. Many people think that his business is in the hamburger business but his real business is in real estate. Let me explain this viewpoint,Ray primary business focus was to sell harmburger franchise. He knew that the real estate and its location was the most significant factor in the success of each franchise,so basically the person that bought the franchise was also buying the land.

In my previous post I mentioned that I would explain why you should choose Ubricoin and today I am going to give one reason as to why I consider Ubricoin an asset in which you can invest in. Quoting Thomas Fuller ’health is not valid till sickness comes and that is why without good health there is nothing going on for you’.

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A fully decentralized business model needs both a decentralized infrastructure and a decentralized decision making. Every user in a decentralized network becomes the owner of the network too. Blockchain facilitates the inclusion of fringe stakeholders to position of salience at the core of decision making. In healthcare today decision making is completely centralized. Decisions are made at international level. The current centralized system does not accommodate the fridge stakeholders in decision making.

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Ubricoin was nothing short of a happy accident. Like most great discoveries, Ubricoin was a product of necessity. Before Ubricoin was developed, the developers were working on another project that could not be further away from crypto. The project was Soko Janja, an online market place that would give farmers, artisans and other neglected tradesmen a platform to sell goods directly to consumers thus cutting out the middleman. Intermediaries have been a thorn in our economy since time immemorial, which is a problem that every honest producer of goods and services has had to cope with.

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